Sen. Corker Clashes with Sen. Franken

We admit it gave us pause to watch Al Franken presiding over the U.S. Senate during the health-care reform debate. The debate did resemble some classic Saturday Night Live skits at times. U.S. Sen. Franken's refusal to allow U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman "one moment more" for his argument was a classic YouTube moment.

The Hill newspaper reports that Franken and Tennessee's U.S. Sen. Bob Corker have had a couple of clashes. Corker penned an op-ed piece criticizing Franken's anti-rape bill that would give defense contractor employees expanded rights to sue. Liberals have been criticizing Republican senators who prefer arbitration over lawsuits as being "pro rape."

Franken invited Corker to his office to discuss the op-ed and "went off" on a Corker staffer and Corker had to step in to tell him to direct his ire at him instead of the staff, according to The Hill. Politico reports that Republican senators think Franken introduced the bill to embarrass his colleagues.