Sen. Campfield Receives (Ironic) Valentines From Immigrants Coalition

In an entertaining sequence of events cascading out of a Metro Pulse blog post last week, state Sen. Stacey Campfield ended up as the largest recipient of valentines from the Tennessee Immigrants and Refugees Rights Coalition.

The group was encouraging advocates for immigrants to buy TIRRC valentines for legislators with messages like "Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ Immigrant families/ Pay taxes, too." MP staffer Cari Wade Gervin wrote a post on our Daily Pulse blog suggesting that Campfield, sponsor of several bills aimed at punishing illegal immigrants, would be a fine choice for such sentiments. After Campfield, on his own blog, responded by saying "Bring it," TIRRC picked up the idea and ran with it—offering to send four valentines to Campfield for the price of one.

In the meantime, Cari suggested that if the single senator wanted a valentine, he could always ask her out on a date. Campfield replied with a poem of his own: "Roses are red/ I like bacon/ You may be cute/ But I am already taken." In any case, on Valentine's Day, TIRRC delivered a whopping 60 heart-y wishes to Campfield's office, which the grinning pol reportedly accepted in good humor. Meanwhile, no word on who the object is of our fair senator's affections. But we hope he saved some of those valentines for her.