Sen. Becky Duncan Massey Sworn In

Newly elected 6th District state Sen. Becky Duncan Massey was sworn in at a ceremony Sunday afternoon at Central High School. She was sworn in by her uncle, retired Appeals Court Judge Joe Duncan, with her brother Congressman Jimmy Duncan looking on.

Central High is centrally located in the district (hence the name) and it had plenty of room and plenty of parking, so it was a good place to have the ceremony.

We suppose it is a coincidence that the school was the place Massey's Democratic opponent, Gloria Johnson, taught for many years. When Johnson, the Knox County Democratic Party chair, announced her candidacy for the senate seat, Republicans attacked her for living in the 7th District, not the 6th. Johnson's supporters argued that she spent her working hours at Central in the day time and thus was in tune with the 6th. (You don't have to live in the district until after you are elected.)

Johnson now works at the Richard Yoakley Alternative School.