School Board Shut Out of Process

The Knox County school board has discovered it has little to say about replacing board member Indya Kincannon, who resigned to go with her husband to Slovenia for a one-year posting.

It's all in the hands of the Knox County Commission. In fact, the resignation itself isn't official until it is received by the Commission.

Some school board members have checked to see if they could legally appoint someone to replace Kincannon for one year until she gets back. But it's County Commission's issue to tackle, not the school board's. And a resignation from an elected office cannot be rescinded, according to the County Law Director's office.

The clock doesn't start until the resignation letter gets to County Commission, but as long as it arrives by Sept. 5 there is time to schedule an election for the November ballot.

The Commission is supposed to appoint a replacement until the election, but they may not. Any interim appointment by Commission has to be someone who lives in the district and is qualified to run for the office. That would rule out former teacher and Commissioner Tony Norman, a frequent critic of the superintendent, who doesn't live in the district.

There has been considerable tension between County Commission and Superintendent Jim McIntyre. If Commission had been able to appoint someone for the next two years, it would likely have changed the voting dynamic on the school board, Kincannon being one of McIntyre's supporters.