School Board Postpones Year-Round Classes

Knox County schools have tabled for now a pilot project to test year-round schools.

Last year they considered and delayed for a year a pilot project at Fulton and Austin-East high schools to abolish the long summer-vacation tradition and go to a four-quarter school year with breaks in between. Though the school board is said to like the idea, during budget discussions this year the decision was made that implementing the project this coming year needed more discussion.

The breaks would include school holidays, like Christmas vacation, observed by the rest of the schools.

The quarters would take the 175 instructional days and spread them in blocks that include July 18-Sept. 28 (50 days), Oct. 22-Dec. 14 (37 days), Jan. 7-Mar. 15 (47 days) and April 1-May 31 (41 days).

There has been some criticism of school calendars in which students take a long summer vacation between school years. The year-round calendar is designed to reinforce learning with shorter breaks.

There is a detailed look at the pilot "balanced" calendar on the Fulton High webpage.