Saunders-Kuhlman Déjà Vu?

Voters in the Bearden area may again see a ballot on which they can choose between Saunders and Kuhlman. But instead of a County Commission race pitting Finbarr Saunders against Ruthie Kuhlman, it will likely be a City Council race between Saunders and Russell Kuhlman, Ruthie's husband.

Ruthie Kuhlman won the Republican primary in the 2008 county commission election, defeating Richard Cate. But Saunders defeated Kuhlman in the general election. Saunders, a Democrat, was defeated in the 2010 commission race by Republican Jeff Ownby. Ownby got vigorous support in his campaign from the Kuhlmans.

Saunders is now running for an at-large City Council seat. Friends say Russell Kuhlman is preparing to challenge him for the Seat C spot.