RR Buys More Land

The Norfolk Southern plan to build an intermodal facility in New Market has seemed to be on hold while the railroad built them in other places around the Southeast. But the railroad hasn't given up on the New Market site; it purchased property at a recent land auction. A bankruptcy sale of a family farm was auctioned off by Furrow & Co. in eight tracts—one of them 13 acres lying alongside Old Andrew Johnson Highway and the Norfolk Southern track.

It was the first tract sold and there was only one prohibitive bid of $160,000 by railroad representatives. They left while the rest of the Manley farm, some 450 acres, was purchased by local farmers. The rest of the property sold for an average price of $4,000 per acre.

Local farmers and residents are still trying to get the facility moved to a brownfield site, possibly in Morristown or Jefferson City, rather than the rich farmland that lies between U.S. 11E and the Holston River. The site requires closing several roads into the peninsula.