Rogero Names Communications Staffers

It is our sad duty to report that another journalist has succumbed to the lure of a stable job with good pay, solid benefits, and interesting challenges: Our managing editor, Jesse Fox Mayshark, will be joining the new administration of Mayor-Elect Madeline Rogero as communications manager. (WVLT weekend anchor Angela Starke will become senior director of communications.)

Jesse first started contributing to Metro Pulse nearly 20 years ago as a freelance writer newly moved to Knoxville from Rochester, N.Y. His first article for us was published Aug. 12, 1994: "Shopping at Seers," a look at local prognosticators. Three years later, we were able to lure him away from the News Sentinel, where he had gotten a job on the education beat. At Metro Pulse, he continued writing about Knoxville's quirkier subjects, but also became one of the city's best political reporters (as well as its best education reporter, media reporter, etc., etc.). He became editor of the paper in 2000, and then left two years later to move to New York where he was hired by the New York Times as a copy editor, also contributing to its arts section.

We were able to sneak him back into town in 2010 when he became our managing editor, helping Metro Pulse win a slew of regional and national journalism awards since then. As a city administration employee, Jesse will no longer be able to contribute to Metro Pulse. But he may yet appear on our pages—when we write about his new employer.