Rogero Gains in Fund-Raising

Madeline Rogero should come out of the current fund-raising cycle with momentum, out-raising her opponents in the race to be Knoxville's next mayor. Rogero officially entered the race later than the other contenders—she didn't leave her city job until late in the last reporting period.

She has name recognition from her previous run for mayor and could afford to lag in the early going. But she raised $52,000 this cycle, which covered the period from Jan. 16 to March 31, compared to about $35,000 for Mark Padgett and $25,000 for Marilyn Roddy. Roddy was the leader during the first reporting period with over $99,000, and she still has the most cash on hand at $99,000. Padgett reports available cash of about $65,000, and Rogero of about $60,000.

Ivan Harmon reported $20,000 raised this period, with a total of $25,000 on hand. Harmon has served on City Council and County Commission and has run for mayor before. He is cruising under the radar and running a low-budget, door-to-door campaign.