Rogero Campaign Kick-Off Party Attracts Movers and Shakers

Madeline Rogero kicked off her campaign for Knoxville mayor at the Foundry on Wednesday evening with over 300 members on the host committee representing a wide cross section of Knoxville's movers and shakers.

The attorneys included Dennis Francis, David Eldridge, and Wanda Sobieski. The school board was represented by Indya Kincannon and former members Dan Murphy and Anne Woodle. Former County Commissioner Finbarr Saunders joined current Commissioner Amy Broyles. Another host was Cortney Piper, a public relations exec who once ran against Broyles. Sam Anderson, retired from the Haslam administration and a former school board member. Longtime Democratic Party leaders Harold and Sylvia Woods. Vice Mayor Bob Becker. Historian and Knoxville civil rights pioneer Bob Booker. Former UT Chancellor Bill Snyder. Tom Jester, who did the commercials for Rogero's last campaign.

Rogero lost a close race to out-going Mayor Bill Haslam in 2003 and later joined his administration as head of community development. She had previously served as a Knox County Commissioner.

The field of candidates to succeed Haslam thus far includes Rogero, Ivan Harmon, Marilyn Roddy, Rob Frost, Foster Arnett, and Mark Padgett.