On the Road to Detroit?

Knoxville City Councilman Nick Della Volpe took to Facebook after Mayor Madeline Rogero presented her budget that calls for a tax increase. He said the increase would be a hardship for senior citizens and said a lack of pension reform has the city on the way to becoming Detroit.

"How many seniors will be cutting their pills in quarters (or skipping days) just to get by if we raise city taxes? We will choke off healthy growth of our city? Feels like skipping down the primrose path to Detroit."

Some comments suggested Della Volpe was overstating the case, especially with the Detroit comparison. The councilman said an underfunded pension plan in Detroit hurt the city. Della Volpe has long been critical about city pensions and he proposed that Council rescind the automatic 2.5 percent pay raise granted city employees—which earned a great deal of displeasure from city employees at a recent Council meeting. The matter was dropped.