Ripple Effects in Mayor's Race

Marilyn Roddy dropping out of the mayor's race continues to cause ripples, since the deadline for entering the race isn't until June and the clear field for Democrat Madeline Rogero still makes the city Republican establishment nervous.

Businessman Eddie Mannis has been urged to run since last fall and has resisted. But pressure is again being exerted to get him in the race. Mannis is a friend of the Padgett family, and Mark Padgett has told people he made sure Mannis didn't intend to run before he got in the race. If Mannis changes his mind, would Padgett step aside?

Rogero is on track to win without a runoff. The addition of another candidate might split the vote and create a runoff. Then anything can happen. Old-timers remember that when Randy Tyree managed to get into a runoff with Kyle Testerman, Testerman's angry reaction led to Tyree's election as the only Democratic mayor the city has had in modern times.