RIP, Knoxville Voice

So long to our Gay Street neighbor, the Knoxville Voice, which is ceasing publication after about three years in a climate that seems unfavorable to print journalism, and to new businesses in general.

Journalists ignore other media at their peril, and we often read the biweekly paper, which advertised its local ownership; the publisher was Dane Baker, a young entrepreneur. The paper was known for its lively music coverage (staffer Eric Dawson has a story about the Knoxville music scene in the January issue of Wire), its man-in-the-street interviews, and some of its columns, including the oft-scathing national-politics column of former News Sentinel staffer Don Williams; we were curious where he'd go with it, without a Bush administration to subvert. Several of their young staff writers, which included, recently, some of Metro Pulse's former star interns, kept the pace lively.

We do have to admit that "Sit ‘n' Spin," which invited interesting citizens to respond to recorded music without knowing what it is, was a dependably fun read, and we wish we'd thought of it first.