Rep. Julia Hurley Stirs Attention

Her colleagues suspected that newly-elected Republican state Rep. Julia Hurley might draw a great deal of attention among the freshman class this legislative session. The former model and Hooters Girl ousted veteran Democratic legislator Dennis Ferguson in Roane County. Early on there were reports of temper tantrums, too-candid discussions about her personal life, a speeding ticket, and an attitude that prompted an immediate State Trooper leak to the media.

But Hurley went national—from the Huffington Post to People magazine—when, rather than try and downplay her background, she wrote an article for the Hooters restaurant chain magazine crediting her time serving tables as helping her to become a better candidate and helping her get elected to office.

The irrepressible Hurley has impressed some of her colleagues with her intelligence, and she is very articulate. But freshmen are usually encouraged to keep quiet, go along, and learn the ways of the General Assembly. Some members are wondering what next—a Mexican wrestler Halloween mask?