Rep. Jimmy Duncan Not Republican Enough?

It must come as a surprise to Congressman Jimmy Duncan and his constituents that he isn't Republican enough—at least not one pure enough for the Republican National Committee. Maybe he's only 99 and 44/100th percent pure.

A resolution making the rounds for possible passage at a January meeting of the RNC has a litmus test for Republican candidates. Those failing the test will not get financial support from the RNC in their re-election efforts.

One of the items is that Republicans support "victory in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting military-recommended troop surges." Duncan has not only opposed a troop surge in Afghanistan, he bucked his party and President Bush to vote against the invasion of Iraq.

There may be a loophole, however: The resolution senders say a candidate would have to violate three of the statements in the resolution before failing the purity test. We're sure Duncan's constituents will be looking to the RNC for guidance in the next election on whether to re-elect Duncan or not. Last time around he was only able to garner 76 percent of the vote.

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