With Rep. Harry Tindell Opting Out, Who Will Run For His District?

Suppose they had an election and nobody ran?

State Rep. Harry Tindell, D-Knoxville, has decided not to run for re-election. The Democrats are no longer in charge, he is no longer a committee chairman, and the Republicans redrew his seat to make re-election an uphill battle.

But thus far people are still trying to find potential candidates.

Part of the problem is getting detailed street maps to determine whether potential candidates actually live in the district. Bonny Kate, Mt. Olive, and Sequoyah Hills have been added to Tindell's district.

On the Republican side, Victoria DeFreese, former County Commissioner and unsuccessful state senate candidate, has posted on her Facebook page that she is strongly considering a run. Others who have been seen as potential candidates have ruled it out. Former DeFreese opponent in the Senate race, Marilyn Roddy, has told friends she isn't running, but she is getting a lot of pressure to reconsider.

The new House district in Northwest Knoxville may pit Gary Loe against Ron Leadbetter. Leadbetter lost a race for the state senate against Stacey Campfield and Loe lost a House race against Steve Hall. (Earlier in the month, before the district was officially redrawn, local software designer Josh Carroll had announced his intention to run, according to Brian Hornback's blog.)

Corrected: Spelling of "Bonny Kate"