Reeves Okay in Record Time?

Knoxville attorney Pamela Reeves' nomination to a federal judgeship may be quicker than anyone expected. President Obama's nominees to the federal bench have been stacking up. The Congressional Research Service notes that a President Reagan nominee to the federal bench being confirmed averaged from 44 to 64 days. Obama nominees have been taking an average of 218 to 227 days.

But she doesn't appear to have any opposition among the state congressional delegation and the recent filibuster "fix" worked out between Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republicans has sped up the nomination process.

Reeves would replace U.S. District Judge Thomas Phillips who took senior status July 6. Reeves was nominated in May. She could be confirmed when the Senate returns from the Labor Day recess or shortly thereafter.

Reeves is a former president of the Tennessee Bar Association, the first woman to hold the position.