Reeves Confirmation an Example?

Knoxville attorney Herb Moncier says to understand his problem with the judicial selection amendment proposed next year you need look no further than local attorney Pam Reeves.

Reeves has been nominated to a federal judgeship, but her confirmation has been caught in a logjam of blocked judicial appointments by Republicans in the U.S. Senate.

"We are bringing in (federal) judges to handle caseloads and Pam Reeves is sitting around because some senators in Washington hate Obamacare," says Moncier.

Moncier has asked for a petition to get on the ballot for an appeals court judge position and is using being denied a petition as grounds for challenging the state's method of selecting appeals court judges. He likely wouldn't have challenged the current system but he objects to the new plan, with judges being grilled by legislators.

The proposed constitutional amendment to allow the appointment of appeals court judges has the governor appointing and the Legislature confirming the choice. "It introduces raw political power into the judicial selection process," Moncier says.