Public Trust PAC Endorses City Candidates

The Public Trust PAC has picked City Council candidates they can endorse. The group, led by former state Sen. Ben Atchley and former County Executive Tommy Schumpert, says in a press release it doesn't endorse by issues but tries to pick candidates they think will do a good job, regardless of positions on issues.

The group's statement says the endorsed candidates have "the intellect, demeanor and honest commitment to our community" to do a good job.

We guess that means it is a screening process to eliminate whack jobs.

They endorsed both Nick Pavlis and Robert Marlino in South Knoxville and both Ken Knight and Duane Grieve in near West. Daniel Brown got the nod for East Knoxville. Gerry Holman was endorsed in the 3rd District.

Neither Nick Della Volpe nor Ray Abbas in north Knoxville got a nod. Hmmm.

Holman was endorsed over Brenda Palmer. Palmer sent an e-mail to the group advising them she didn't want their endorsement because she did not want to be beholden to any particular interest group. They were happy to oblige her.