Public Thank You for Ramsey

As the wine in grocery stores bill neared final passage, a large sign appeared on a stand in front of the beer coolers in Food City stores.

The sign says: "THANK YOU Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey for your support of the wine in grocery stores referendum bill passed on the full floor of the Senate."

The bill also passed in the House and was sent to Gov. Bill Haslam this week.

Ramsey may have been singled out for thanks because the bill passed the state Senate first and his district is next door to Food City headquarters in Abingdon, Va. Food City has been one of the leaders in trying to pass the legislation allowing wine to be sold in groceries. Ramsey's son-in-law has also lobbied for Food City.

The final bill allows many convenience stores to also add wine to beer sales, so it may soon be possible to get a nice Merlot to have with your pork rinds.