Postcard Not Big Enough?

There are a reported 20,000 postcards being mailed in Knox County this week urging residents to "vote for anyone else" but state Sen. Stacey Campfield, in the primary and the general election.

There is a photograph of Campfield on one side, with the heading "Stop Him From Embarrassing You... Again" on the other

The postcard says Campfield said AIDS/HIV started with "one guy screwing a monkey" and that he compared people bragging about the number of Obamacare sign-ups to Germans bragging about how many Jews were put on trains to concentration camps. The postcard also hits Campfield for his a bill requiring drug testing for welfare recipients but not requiring it of lawmakers.

A supporter of the effort said the postcard did not have enough space for "all of Campfield's asinine comments." (See our cover story this issue!)