Popcorn Sutton's Popularity Still Growing

Popcorn Sutton is becoming even more famous since his death than he was in life. Of course, during his life he needed to keep a low profile as one of the most prolific moonshiners to come out of Cocke County—but he didn't. He made a video with Johnny Knoxville. He produced a DVD about his alleged "last batch" with a how-to on locating a secluded spot, building a still furnace, and brewing mash—with bluegrass banjo music by Raymond Fairchild as an extra added attraction. His high profile no doubt led to his being sentenced to the federal pen, which led to his suicide.

Since his death he has been subject to much media attention. Hank Williams Jr. and his partner Jamey Grosser have his recipe and have started a distillery in Nashville to produce it legally.

The New York Times weighed in last week with the story about Cocke County reversing its position and allowing a distillery in the county. The partners with the distillery in Nashville have discussed opening one, including a museum, in Cocke County.

No word from our sources on whether Popcorn's product tastes different with a federal tax stamp on the bottle.