Politico: Sen. John Ensign Contributed to Wamp Campaign

According to the Politico blog, disgraced U.S. Sen. John Ensign gave his housemate Congressman Zach Wamp a $5,000 contribution to his gubernatorial campaign, eight days after Ensign admitting having an affair with a staffer. Ensign is heir to a gambling casino fortune in Las Vegas.

Ensign and Wamp live in a C Street house in Washington with a group of other legislators. The house is owned by "The Fellowship," a group of Christian conservatives. The Politico reports that two former housemates of Wamp and Ensign are S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford, who dallied down Argentina way when he was supposed to be hiking the Appalachia Trail, and another is former Congressman Chip Pickering, whose wife is suing his girlfriend for alienation of affection for having an affair with her husband forcing him to give up an appointment to the U.S. Senate.