Payback is a Bitch

We've told you before about how former Knoxville Mayor and Ambassador to Poland Victor Ashe has been giving his colleagues on the board that governs Radio Free Europe and its counterparts a lot of grief. He has castigated them for missing meetings, complained of waste in the budget, and called on the head of Radio Free Europe to be fired.

A report by the inspector general seems to confirm some of Ashe's allegations, citing the board for chronic absenteeism. But it accuses one unnamed board member of being disruptive. The board "is dominated by one member whose tactics and personal attacks on colleagues and staff have created an unprofessional and unproductive atmosphere" and his accusations impede full discussion and he uses "outside media" to attack his colleagues and staff.

Board members were happy to tell a New York Daily News reporter that these comments were about Ashe. Ashe told the newspaper he was disappointed that the report didn't discuss the wasteful spending he has outlined or acknowledge his criticism that much of the staff is made up of contract workers without benefits.

The AFGE Union 1812, which represents the employees, issued a stinging statement calling for a Congressional investigation into who used the IG to issue a report "so brazen in its attempt to besmirch a [Ashe's] character." The union statement said Ashe was "reviled, belittled, besmirched and shamelessly attacked" by the IG to protect the bureaucrats who run the organization.