Pavlis for Short-Time Mayor

Councilman Nick Pavlis is soliciting support for the interim mayor's post when Gov.-elect Bill Haslam resigns as mayor. The City Council will pick a mayor from among themselves to serve until the next mayor is elected.

Pavlis, the most experienced of the council members, says he would not take a salary for serving in the position because Haslam didn't and there is no money in the budget to pay the $120,000 mayor salary. He also pledges not use the post to run for the office in the next election. Pavlis would take a leave of absence from his government relations job.

Pavlis says the interim mayor should not make any personnel changes, but rather maintain the Haslam status quo until the newly elected mayor takes office. Current Vice Mayor Bob Becker is also resigning to take a job out of state.

Councilman Duane Grieve is also said to be a possible choice from among the current council members. Grieve is also being encouraged to run for the permanent post of mayor.