Party (Phone) Lines

Given the huge success of the Republican Party in Tennessee in recent years, it has not gone unnoticed at the Republican National Committee. There is some speculation in GOP circles that state party chair Chris Devaney could be called up to the big leagues soon, working for the national party.

With Tennessee thought to be in the bag for Mitt Romney, Devaney is helping the RNC set up phone banks in Tennessee to make voter calls to the swing-state of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Democrats are also organizing phone banks.

Democratic Party Chair Chip Forrester, a longtime friend of Barack Obama guru David Axelrod, is organizing phone banks and also organizing volunteers to go door-knocking in North Carolina.

Knox-area Democrats are invited to bring laptops, cell phones, and cell phone chargers to the West Knox Panera Bread on Sunday 3-5 p.m. to make calls for President Obama. The event is hosted by Julie Miller. As part of a statewide door-knocking campaign on Saturday, Knox County Democratic Chair Gloria Johnson urges volunteers to gather at the party office on Morgan Street at 9:45 to campaign from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Yes, technically, the election is 40 days away on Nov. 6. But early voting begins in 20 days and if past trends continue almost half the vote may be cast before Election Day.