Pandering? Duh

Assorted political hacks have advised Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam for the last two years that he needed to resign from Mayors Against Illegal Guns and repudiate New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the poster boy for gun control and Public Enemy No. 1 for gun rights groups. But Haslam shrugged it off, saying to resign would appear to be caving in to criticism and it would appear to be pandering to the NRA.

Well, duh.

On March 19 Haslam resigned from the group and sent a letter to Bloomberg. "As you know, the people of Knoxville, as in the rest of Tennessee, strongly value their constitutional right to bear arms. I wholeheartedly share this commitment to the second amendment." Haslam's letter said the group has expanded beyond its original mission to include advocacy that intrudes on the rights of legitimate gun owners.

It may be a coincidence, but you will recall that this is the week that political guru Tom Ingram announced that he will be consulting on Haslam's gubernatorial campaign.