Padgett Accuses Rogero of Being Anti-Business

Perhaps prompted by the continued perception that Madeline Rogero is continuing to lead the mayor's race, Mark Padgett went on the attack last week. He sent his e-mail list a sharp attack accusing Rogero of being anti-business and asking supporters to send him money to "show Madeline Rogero that her attacks on small business owners will not go unanswered."

Rogero's suggestion that Padgett's business background did not make him the best qualified to be mayor prompted Padgett to accuse Rogero of not being the kind of leader "who's going to work with our local business community or attract new companies to Knoxville."

Rather than respond publicly, Rogero instead forwarded Padgett's e-mail to her e-mail list citing it as an example of "old courthouse politics" and dismissing the idea that she is anti-business.

Meanwhile, the chair of the Knox County Republican Party has sent out an official release promoting a fund-raiser for mayoral candidate Ivan Harmon. The city race is nonpartisan, but Harmon is a longtime Republican officeholder and is urging Republicans to support him in the race against Democrats Rogero and Padgett.

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