Outlaws Motorcycle Club Head Mark Lester Out on $3 Million Bond

Mark Lester, employed by a Knoxville company, is in Connecticut this week. The welding engineer is at a shipyard supervising high-tech welds on the condenser for the nuclear reactor that powers an aircraft carrier under construction. He has done similar work on reactors for U.S. nuclear submarines. The welds on the super strong metals that contain nuclear reactors is a very tricky specialty process.

In order to leave the state, however, Lester had to go to court and get permission. He is out of jail on a $3 million bond. Lester is head of the Outlaws motorcycle club, the target of a raid by the Knox County Sheriff's Department on a New Year's Eve party. The raid was in response to the club discovering that one of its new members was an undercover Sheriff's deputy. They are charged with theft for taking his vest (containing his motorcycle club "colors") and kidnapping for making him sit in a closet while they discussed the situation.

The charges have been sent to the grand jury.