ORNL Security Breached?

Richard Clark, a national security expert for both Bill Clinton and George Bush, wrote in a recent New York Times article that national laboratories had been hacked by foreign governments. No one is talking in Oak Ridge, but locals do remember an incident about a year ago.

All Internet access and e-mail at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory was shut down for about a month. Given the volume of e-mail and Internet use, it was a heavy hit for the lab. Clark warned that foreign governments are spending every day trying to access information from American companies and government facilities. ORNL has some of the most advanced computer operations in the world and are a prime target for foreign subversion.

Given the sophistication of the ORNL computer system and its constant efforts to erect safeguards, it can be assumed that the hack was not the work of some bored teenagers, but rather the sophisticated (and expensive) efforts of a foreign government.

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