Orange You Glad We Made Vol Predictions?

It's uncanny, that's what. Our unapologetically non-statistical predictions on Lane Kiffen's odds for success this season ("Lane Kiffin Dossier" by Rose Kennedy, Sept. 3) have been dazzlingly accurate, so far. That bit about the all-important number three in Kiffin's life? Okay, we were employing such compelling evidence as him being the 33rd head coach hired at age 33 and a three-sport athlete to prognosticate an upset of Florida in Week 3, but 63-7 over Western Kentucky, people! And the astrology-based prediction that Taurus Kiffin and Leo QB Jonathan Crompton would be "doing things on a grand scale"? Okay then! Note that not only were Coach K and JC definitely a "mutual admiration society," with Kiffin going so far as to say both Crompton-thrown interceptions were not his fault, but Crompton beat his 2008 season total record of four touchdowns by throwing five touchdowns in one game. But we pledge not to let success go to our heads, even though an invitation to breakfast with Monte Kiffin at Pete's Coffee Shop would be nice.