Opponents of Intermodal Facility Encouraged by Board Appointments

Opponents of the Norfolk Southern Intermodal facility being built in New Market were encouraged by three new appointments to the county's Industrial Development Board.

At a meeting to discuss the appointments none of those selected argued for the New Market site, though they supported the Intermodal in another location. In the original proposal, the intermodal in New Market would be complemented by a county industrial park. The county has done a feasibility study that revealed using the New Market site, farmland without any infrastructure support, would be the most expensive for a county industrial park.

Opponents of using the farmland for industrial use have urged the intermodal facility and the industrial park relocate to brownfields in Jefferson City or in Morristown. Regardless of what the county does, Norfolk Southern could still build the intermodal in New Market, though they would need county cooperation in closing some roads and adding a new one. The Jefferson County Commission appointed Brad Jenkins, Alex Miller, and Daryl Keck to the Industrial Development Board.

The proposed intermodal is believed to be on hold because of the weak economy.

The facility would have tractor trailers arrive, the trailers put on rail cars and hauled across the country as well as off-loading trailers to continue on the interstate. But the interstate is over 15 miles away and access is on state roads. The site is also adjacent to an elementary school.