Only Super Voters Came Out?

The low turnout for the county primary last week indicates that none of the races on the ballot stirred much interest in the general public—the turnout was primarily the "super-voters."

The super-voters are the people who vote in every election, regardless of who is running. That usually runs to just over 25,000 voters, or 12,000 households in Knox County. The turnout last week ended up being 28,000.

Rest assured that the super-voters, those who always vote, are on the lists of political operatives in all elections. They get the mailers, the e-mails, and the robocalls for candidates because campaigns know they aren't wasting money on people who don't vote.

A high-interest election in Knox County usually runs over 40,000 voters.

Political operatives and election officials said factors in the low turnout included the no-contested county mayor's race and a paucity of candidates in the Democratic primary. There was only one contested race on the Democratic side. And 200 of those voting in the Democratic primary didn't cast a vote in that race for Circuit Judge 6th District.

Another indicator of people voting because they always vote is the number of people who took the time to cast frivolous write-in votes for cartoon characters and the like. The total PDF files of write-in votes ran to 70 pages.