Only Room for One

Things are going to get sticky in some County Commission districts next year, when it comes down to electing one commissioner from an area that has had two, or even three. It is really complicated in South Knoxville, where there have been at least four commissioners in recent years.

Victoria DeFreese, who was an appointed interim commissioner after the term-limits fiasco, is running hard. She has a website up and is already campaigning. Tim Green, who was appointed and then ousted by the News Sentinel's Sunshine lawsuit, is considering a run for the post. Then there is incumbent Commissioner Mike Brown who is running for reelection.

Commissioner Paul Pinkston told a South Knoxville gathering last week that he will not seek the South Knoxville post, but would be supporting DeFreese in her effort. Pinkston held open the possibility of running for one of the countywide at-large seats.

In the Bearden area, Finbarr Saunders and Ed Shouse are both expected to be candidates. But they have to decide which of them runs for the district post and which of them runs countywide. They are still talking. Neither wants to run against the other for the district seat, but each knows the countywide race will be harder. Stay tuned.