Oldie but a Goodie

John Emison and the Citizens for Home Rule have been fighting Knoxville annexations for a long time—which has not made them fans of Knoxville mayors.

At the Knox County Lincoln Day dinner last week at Rothchild's, Emison's group showed up with signs supporting Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's gubernatorial bid. Ramsey joined Mayor Bill Haslam, Congressman Zach Wamp, and Shelby DA Bill Gibbons speaking at the event.

One of the signs called on Ramsey to "make Big Jim spend it all," a reference to the 1978 gubernatorial campaign when Lamar Alexander's supporters had signs urging Lamar to make Jake Butcher "spend it all." In this case, it's also a reference to "Big Jim" Haslam, Bill Haslam's father.