Old City Businesswoman Annie Delisle Makes a Visit

Some Knoxville residents got a flashback to the 1980s last week at a party honoring a visitor from Palm Beach.

Annie's restaurant and bar proved that Knoxvillians would go to the Old City to have fun, even if they had to park in the street and step over construction debris. This first effort by Annie DeLisle, a beautiful singer and dancer and the former Mrs. Cormac McCarthy, inspired others to open businesses in the Old City and made it the happening place to be. Annie opened the restaurant with partner Kristopher Kendrick when the Old City was a series of empty buildings either sagging in disrepair or being rehabbed.

She was in town last week for a visit with old friends and family. The British-born DeLisle met McCarthy on a cruise ship in 1965. They were married for 14 years and McCarthy left her in Knoxville when he moved to El Paso in 1976.