Ocean View Now Lake View

Jimmy and Dee Haslam have sold their beach house at Hilton Head and have purchased a $4 million mansion on Lake Erie, in Cleveland.

After the Haslams purchased the Cleveland Browns National Football League team for a reported $1 billion, they needed a place to stay rather than at downtown hotels. The house is 14,000 square feet on a 3.2-acre lot with four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and two half-baths—and it had the highest purchase price of any house in Cleveland since 2006, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The brick and stone house was built in 1997.

Dee Haslam, who heads the RIVR Media television production company in Knoxville, told the newspaper she plans to spend most of her time from July to January in Cleveland, and the family needed space for up to a dozen friends and family expected to visit for football games. She said she was particularly impressed with the finished basement which features a children's play area, a theater, and a 1,600-bottle capacity wine cellar.

"We just don't have basements like that (in Knoxville), ours are just storage areas," she said, noting of the 20 to 30 listings they visited, every house had a good looking finished basement. "It's a basement mecca."