Obama Taps Ashe for Broadcasting Board of Govenors

Last week President Obama nominated former Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe, lately the U.S. Ambassador to Poland, to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The board was established to oversee such U.S. broadcast entities as the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.

Ashe's appointment raised eyebrows—the college friend of President George Bush (who was best man at Ashe's wedding) getting an appointment from a Democratic president? The Obama transition team fired all politically appointed ambassadors on inauguration day, but Ashe hung around until September. But the board has Republican slots. Named with Ashe was Dana Perino, who was Bush's press secretary.

Ashe friends got a chuckle over a typo in the press release which noted Ashe's being on the board of the American Rovers Association. Ashe, who is known for his single-minded pursuit of frequent-flier miles in order to go globe-trotting, is actually on the board of the American Rivers Association.