The Not-So-Pretty Accused in 'Busted' Tabloid

Is it only ugly people who get arrested? We're wondering because getting arrested has been making you famous lately and the photos are not flattering.

There is a 20-page tabloid available at area convenience stores called Just Busted, which features page after page of mug shots. The just arrested. The people who have skipped bail. There are pages devoted to people on the sex offender registry, within five miles of elementary schools. Those arrested for assault. The drunk tank. The new publication has a few ads, but makes an appeal to bail bondsmen to list skipped fugitives in an ad. Each page carries a notation: "All pictured are presumed innocent until proven guilty." That's a comfort to the pictured, we're sure.

This comes at a time when the Knox County Sheriff's Department has started putting mug shots and arrest reports up on its website. The site has a link for everyone arrested within the past 24 hours with photo and charges. There is also a link to a compilation of mug shots for all the inmates in the county jail—a list with 1,083 entries.

So if you don't see anyone you know, are you relieved or disappointed?