No Salt-Truck Rides for Rogero

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero missed her chance to ride around in a salt truck last week, like County Mayor Tim Burchett. You didn't see her directing storm preparations because she was in sunny Southern California attending a task force meeting on, yes, climate change. The mayor flew out the day before a massive snow storm hit, and she returned over the weekend after it was over.

Rogero has been asked by President Obama to serve on a task force on how local governments can prepare for climate change. The task force met in Los Angeles and the feds picked up the tab for the trip.

Rogero also missed our earlier snowfall while on a visit to Turkey so she hasn't had a chance build a snowman this winter. She says she doesn't drive the salt trucks, and she has staff in place that she is in constant touch with via e-mail and phone.