New Radio Show Features Bipartisan Posturing

There is a new radio talk show in the Knoxville market on Sunday mornings with opinions from across the political spectrum. It's called the Bill & Bill & Frank & Frank Show. The show features two Democrats and two Republicans discussing current events, political races, and political gossip.

The crew includes Bill Nolan, a former Knoxville Democratic state legislator, who is now a lobbyist; Bill Owen, a former Democratic Knox County state senator who is a Washington lobbyist and a member of the Democratic National Committee; state Rep. Frank Niceley, a Republican whose district includes part of Jefferson County and part of Knox County; and Frank Cagle, who writes a column for Metro Pulse.

The show is at 8 a.m. on WNOX (100.3FM) and is one hour, with plans to expand to two hours in the future.