New Leader to Come Saturday

Former state Sen. Roy Herron and his supporters say he has the votes at this point to be the new chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party as candidate after candidate for the post has dropped out.

The race now is down to Herron and Dave Garrison, the party's treasurer. Garrison has the support of Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero as well as the three other Democratic mayors of the state's largest cities. Wade Munday, considered one of the leading contenders, is running instead for Garrison's treasurer post and has endorsed Garrison.

Herron has been involved in Democratic politics for a long time as a long-term member of the state Senate from West Tennessee and has run statewide political campaigns for candidates like Al Gore.

The vote will be taken among state executive committee members Saturday. Though Heron has higher name recognition with the public, and Garrison has the mayors and others for support, only executive members will make the decision.