New Chances for Country Radio

Got a scorecard? You'll need one to keep up with the radio market these days.

The FM 100.3 station that used to be WNOX is now WCYQ. It is a contemporary country music station broadcasting at 100,000 watts.

WNOX is now on FM 93.1, the former home of WCYQ. The new format for WNOX, which began last week, is country classics from the '60s, '70s, and '80s.

The talk shows formerly on WNOX are now on AM850.

It's not quite as complicated as it sounds. When Journal Broadcasting bought FM100.3, they shifted the format from 93.1, which they also own, to boost the signal. Mike Hammond,longtime radio guy in Knoxville, is the operations manager.

Needing programming for 93.1, Journal shifted it to the country oldies format instead.

Journal had no interest in the talk show formats on 100.3, so when Johnny Pirkle sold them the station he leased AM850 and moved.