Mose Lobetti Retires, Again

Mose Lobetti has retired—again.

Lobetti started out as an aide and "fixer" for Mayor and then Congressman John Duncan—the original. Over the years he has worked for the Duncan family and held a variety of jobs some would call patronage due to his association with the Duncans. He was a reliable "campaign worker" on Election Day through the decades, delivering the votes necessary for a win. Local politicos tell tales about Lobetti's ability to turn out the vote and encourage busloads of voters to vote the way he suggested: the ticket proscribed by the local Republican Party.

Lately the 82-year-old has served on the Metropolitan Planning Commission, appointed by former County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, and has served as a "court security" officer in a position as bailiff.

Given the concern for court security these days, and Lobetti's tendency to doze off during boring court proceedings, Sheriff Jimmy "JJ" Jones suggested that Lobetti retire.