More Hell to Come for Burchett in Divorce?

Ordinarily County Mayor Tim Burchett might be basking in a political win. He campaigned saying no property tax increase and he held off a determined charge by the school board and the Chamber of Commerce to enact one to add $35 million to the school budget.

But business leaders are angry at the outcome and some of Burchett's big contributors may be looking for another candidate come the next election. But Burchett's biggest headache at present is his estranged wife Allison. The bitter divorce has sparked nasty remarks in social media and broad hints of nasty stuff to come. Now the News Sentinel has run a major front page story questioning the purpose of "personal reimbursement" checks written by Allison Burchett from campaign funds.

Burchett may become besieged by business leader animus and further mischief involving his soon-to-be ex-wife.

A candidate in 2014 with a lot of big donors, and Burchett wracked by personal scandals, could be a major problem. It seems improbable for Burchett to be politically vulnerable when he won office with over three-quarters of the vote against a popular former sheriff.