Minvilla Re-Bid

Minvilla, the embattled 1913 townhouse row in Fifth Avenue, was once expected to be finished by now as a 57-unit assisted-housing project as part of the city's 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness, as a step up from the standard homeless shelter. About a year ago, Wood Construction won the bidding to renovate it—which in itself raised some eyebrows, considering its association with Jon Lawler, who's heading the 10-Year Plan. The fact that Wood won with a disappointingly high bid of about $5 million has tangled attempts to finance it, and frustrated each of the several factions who've been arguing about the property's fate for the last several years. Look for the city to announce soon that the property will be re-bid. It's hoped that in the current construction climate will draw lower bids, which will ease financing and hasten construction.