Millions to be Invested in Norfolk Southern Facility?

Norfolk Southern is studying the feasibility of a multi-million dollar inter-modal facility in the area that would include an industrial park and equipment to load and unload trailer trucks onto rail cars for trans-shipment across the country.

They have looked at a site in Mascot, across from the Eastbridge Industrial Park, but there is some question about whether the site is big enough. Another site under consideration is in New Market, in Jefferson County, between the railroad tracks and Andrew Johnson Highway.

It is a classic case of brownfields (Mascot) and the existing industrial park vs. the cheaper route of locating on greenfield pasture land in Jefferson County.

Though the project has been under consideration for some time, there is a possibility it could get a jump start from federal stimulus money. The inter-modal plan means an energy savings involved in shipping trailers instead of running them down the interstate with diesel-power trucks.