Messin' With Their Heads?

Did former state senator Mike Williams ever intend to run for his old seat or was he playing head games with the Republican caucus?

Since leaving the Republican Party and running and losing his state senate seat in 2008 Williams has been elected Union County Mayor. Did he really plan to give up an $82,000 job for one that pays $19,200? He also knew that the Democrats threw state Sen. Rosalind Kurita off the ballot because she voted for Republican Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey as senate speaker. And the Republicans kept state Rep. Kent Williams off the Republican ballot after he joined with House Democrats to make himself Speaker.

Sure enough, the Republican state executive committee put out a letter over the weekend saying Williams cannot run as a Republican for his old Senate seat, despite having turned in a petition. Since qualifying deadline has passed it likely means Williams can't run as an independent either.

Williams also knew that Hobart Rice, also a candidate the senate seat, is a member of the state executive committee. Williams and Rice have had a political feud of longstanding, when Rice was chair of the Jefferson County Republican Party (which is in the district) and Williams left the Republican caucus to be an independent.