Mayoral Candidate Financial Disclosures Compared

Madeline Rogero released her financial disclosure this week and it shows she raised less than half the money raised thus far by Mark Padgett, a fellow Democrat who released his total last week, and Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy, whose reported $99,708 puts her atop the cash leaderboard.

Roddy's strength, as expected, lies in her West Knoxville base. The vast majority of her contributions come from the 37919 zip code, including 11 of her 19 $1,000 donations. And the exit this week of former Councilman Rob Frost left the Republican field in the officially non-partisan race pretty much open to Roddy. (The only other remaining Republican is former-everything Ivan Harmon, who reported just $16,145 raised from only 20 donors.)

Meanwhile, Rogero and Padgett need to nail down their Democratic base and convince them they are the candidate to support going forward. As a practical matter Rogero, who has name recognition from serving on County Commission and running for mayor against Bill Haslam, doesn't need as much money as Padgett or Roddy. Rogero also points out she is four times further along at this point than against Haslam—$44,264 now as opposed to a little over $10,000 then. She also couldn't start to campaign until she left her city job.

Padgett's $90,000 total might convince some he is the "comer" in the race. However, Padgett's fund-raising announcement got "stepped on" by a controversy over his marching with Boys and Girls Club kids in the MLK Parade, which drew criticism from the non-profit for making it look like an endorsement.