Maybe He Misses His Old Title

Is Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett considering a run for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Lamar Alexander? Rumors are swirling that Burchett has been urged to run.

When queried, the county mayor did not reject the idea. He merely said that he is focused on passing his county budget and would not be thinking about anything else until that is accomplished.

Not exactly a firm denial.

Alexander, like some of his Senate colleagues, has been watching for a potential opponent from the right in his Republican primary. He has talked a possible opponent in Middle Tennessee out of a run and he has been building a considerable war chest with a series of $1 million fund-raisers.

There is also the possibility that Burchett is just "messing" with the Republican Party establishment that criticized him last year for not raising taxes (!) and providing a substantial increase in funds for county schools.